Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June Specials

June Specials

Come and enjoy the scents and benefits of Pink Zebra. It can fill your home with happiness and joy!! Every 5th person who schedules home or on-line party with me will get extra Hostess gifts!! Come and join my party!! Lots of fun!!

Much More

 Much More!!!
Pink Zebra also has lotions which are enriched with aloe vera & vitamins to promote healing and moisturizing oils of olive, coconut, avocados, and shea butter to hydrate. They are free of sulfate & paraben and not tested on animals. We have soaps and lotions with caddies!! Prices range from $12 to $20 dollars!!

Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers

Fragrances lasts up to 3-5 months!! No dye formula, natural reed sticks. Reed diffusers are pre-soaked and fast acting. Cleanly refreshes your fragrant reeds with NO MESS. Simply reseal the container with the top lid, flip & resoak! Perfect for the room where you want all day fragrancing without the worry of a flame!  Only $18 for long lasting smells!!

Simmer Pot

Simmer Pots
Pink Zebra simmer pots are glazed ceramic and come complete with the simmer pot dish. It sits on a gentle warming plate to melt the Sprinkles and release fragrance into the room. The pots cost $22!!

Simmering Lights Base with Colored Liners

Simmering Lights Base with Colored Liners

melt your Sprinkles... light your home

Uniquely yours to create mood, light and style simply by changing the inside frosted color liners to any one of the Simmering Light Shades.

What is included with the Simmering Lights:
1) electrical base  with 7.5 ft cord
2) 25 watt bulb
3) 1 frosted glass liner
4) $25 for simmering light

Can change out your shades as often as you like!!

Pour sprinkles into dish, turn it on and enjoy the fragrance of the Sprinkles within minutes!!
Simmering Lights Base & liner and decorative shades are sold separately!!


 Why I Love Sprinkles . . .

1) FAST: they quickly fill my room with awesome fragrance in minutes

2) VERSATILE: there are over 50 fragrances to choose from!!

3) I can mix my own blend.

4) They last sooooo long!

5) Simple & clean to use

6) They are made with Soft Soy, an exclusive Pink Zebra soy blend wax.

7) Only $8 per 3.75 oz. jar and $25 per 16 oz. carton!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ground Level Opportunity!!

Pink Zebra is a New Direct Sales Company!!

We sell soy candles, sprinkles (wax bits), reed diffusers, warmers and much more. If you've been thinking about Direct Sales look no further!

Soy burns longer, stronger & cleaner. Pink Zebra donates 1 day of childcare to a single mom for every $500 party! Change your fragrance and change lives!