Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Simmering Lights Base with Colored Liners

Simmering Lights Base with Colored Liners

melt your Sprinkles... light your home

Uniquely yours to create mood, light and style simply by changing the inside frosted color liners to any one of the Simmering Light Shades.

What is included with the Simmering Lights:
1) electrical base  with 7.5 ft cord
2) 25 watt bulb
3) 1 frosted glass liner
4) $25 for simmering light

Can change out your shades as often as you like!!

Pour sprinkles into dish, turn it on and enjoy the fragrance of the Sprinkles within minutes!!
Simmering Lights Base & liner and decorative shades are sold separately!!

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